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Liam Lonsdale
Host, Presenter and Ambassador

"Energy on tap”, Liam hosts and curates the Basecamp Stage, plans the afterparty and plies the team with top-notch coffee

Liam joined the team in 2015 to energise the brand new Basecamp Village. Using his experience as a presenter and with a massive array of events under his belt, he will be ensuring that the atmosphere is lively and engaging.

Originally from a background in the outdoor industry, Liam has been immersed in the culture of the business since he left school at 16. 11 years on, he now runs his own business developing creative content for brands and organisations through his work as a photographer, writer and host.

When Liam isn’t working for us at the festival, you will most likely find him hanging from a rope taking photos of the worlds' best climbers, commentating on the most watched bouldering competitions or if he’s lucky, he might even be up to his neck in an adventure of his own. 

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