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Grangers' range of cleaning, waterproofing, and protection products will keep you ready for adventure! #beprepared!

With a heritage spanning nearly 80 years, and a passion for providing unrivalled protection, Grangers are a brand dedicated to keeping you dry – no matter what the weather...

Our journey began in the United Kingdom, back in 1937. Since then, we’ve helped provide outdoor protection to a wide range of people – including Mt. Everest adventurers, extreme backpackers and survivalists, and explorers of both the North and South Poles. Of course, we’ve always felt that every adventure is as important as the last, which is why our range of products are just as suitable for everyday garments as they are for technical survival gear. We’ve worked hard to encourage and enable adventure in every way, and endeavoured to keep you warm, safe, and dry – no matter where your travels take you.

To better help you enjoy the freedom of the outdoors, we’ve dedicated ourselves to the research and development of cutting edge innovations. We’ve researched new technologies to better combat the worst weather conditions around the world. And, we’ve exported our products to over 50 countries – making it easier for you to get the protection you need the moment you need it most!

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