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Cross Country

Cross Country was established in 1988 by Sherry Thevenot, an artist who married into the hang gliding scene and wanted to reflect the spirit of free flight through magazines.

The magazine somehow just slotted right in, and it has grown ever since – it is now read by paraglider and hang glider pilots in 75 countries. It’s always been edited and owned by pilots, and always will be. In between Sherry Thevenot and Ed Ewing, editors have included Hugh Miller, Ian Blackmore and Bob Drury.

In early 2012 we thought long and hard about Cross Country’s direction. With so much content for free nowadays, we knew we were taking a risk by investing in high quality print, photography and editorial.

But we upped our game, and did just that. We positioned Cross Country as a high quality journal of free flying. Our new design layout is more elegant, and simpler – and much more readable than ever before.

Above all, the experience of flying deserves a really high quality publication. And we all know there are plenty of days when we need a substitute for our first love.

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