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Tom Musgrove

​Tom is a Manchester based artist.

Drawing is the foundation of his work, initially capturing gestures, form and shapes from the landscape that are then expanded upon in his studio space to create fine art pieces.

He produces work in a variety of mediums, as painting, sculpture or drawing, utilising raw pigment, found natural sources and wax layers to represent the location and atmospheric conditions within his work.

The Edge of the Isles 

This project is a collaboration between artist Tom and photographer Simon Bray, depicting seven landscape locations from across the British Isles using their respective mediums.

Tom says, "The collaboration started when we had a meeting over coffee together at The Anchor Coffee House (which Simon runs). We had completed the Three Peaks Challenge together and I knew Simon was interested in the work I did for that, in particular, an abstract painting about Wastwater. We both enjoyed the experience of those landscapes, being outside with space to breathe, weather to endure and a new path to tread. So in we found in this project a place to get more of that really.

The collaboration has itself become so much more than the work submitted, it has become the conversations between us, the exchange of ideas, grand and minute and also books now, it is becoming political. And all these things go into the work that comes out in the end"

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Tom Musgrove

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