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Tom Hill

Tom says he cannot understate how important being outdoors, and interacting with his environment – whether through running, riding, climbing or simply being outside – is to him.

He feels it goes beyond escapism and is a fundamental part of his life. He loves where those pursuits have taken him; physically, to mountains, remote places and my local woods, but more importantly the friendships it has brought him, the mental and physical release it gives him. He runs and rides to race, to play, to socialise, for solitude, to think, and not to think.

Over the years, Tom started to share stories about what he loves. Freelance writing has given him a different perspective on the places he visits and given new opportunities to visit places that he has only dreamt about. He now combines writing for publications with a 'day job' and continues to make time to get outdoors, whether that be for a lunchtime run or a multi-day self-supported trip.

Tom Hill

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