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Tanya Shadrick

Tanya is a writer and former hospice lifestory scribe, working in public spaces to encourage creative responses to our lives and times.

As 2016/17 writer-in-residence for Pells Pool in Sussex – the UK’s oldest freshwater lido – Tanya wrote a mile of longhand on pool-length scrolls of paper. CalledA Wild Patience: Laps of Longhand, it was a participatory piece to which swimmers gifted their stories of the wild and free.

Her Wild Patience feature for the Outdoor Swimming Society reflects on the sources of the work and the depths it has sounded in the lives of others: Outdoor Swimming Society

Tanya studied English Literature at the University of Sussex, and completed her Masters in 20th-century Literature in 1997, where her dissertation reflected her lifelong interest in public art-making and the ‘aesthetics of the person in public’, focussing on the early documentary GPO films of Grierson & Jennings and the socially-inclusive radio productions of D G Bridson & Olive Shapley.


Immerse yourself in the world’s lakes, lidos, rivers and oceans in this reading from Watermarks: the bestselling anthology of new prose and poetry celebrating the life aquatic. The works are by writers who find inspiration in or near lidos, lakes, sea pools and other wild swimming places. Full of quick turns, graceful strokes and surprising dives into the depths, this is writing to make us catch our breath, laugh in delight or shiver a little.

Published in April this year, the book is already in its third printing and is an Outdoor Swimming Society recommended read.

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Opportunities to see Tanya Shadrick

9.30 - 12.00 Sunday 19th

Alpkit Outdoor Swimming Session

Join us on Sunday morning for an exhilarating journey through rivers, lakes and the sea, as seen through the goggles of three intrepid women.

16.30 - 18.00 Sunday 19th

Tanya Shadrick - Watermarks

Dive in with Tanya Shadrick and immerse yourselves with prose and poetry celebrating the life aquatic.

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