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Steve Backshall

Steve Backshall is the adventurer who reaches parts of the world others just can't reach. He's travelled to over 100 countries around the world making first ascents of remote jungle mountains or descending into hidden sinkholes in search of new species, climbing the world's highest peaks or completing some of the world's most demanding endurance races.

Steve has been passionate about the wild world since a child and has always been fascinated with animals and adventure!

Steve's career started with a degree in English, writing for the Indonesian Rough Guides - where he came nose to nose with Komodo dragons, drank blood with uncontested tribes and attempted to walk solo across Irian Jaya.

Following his adventurers as a travel writer, Steve headed to Colombia - armed with an idea for a television series. Whilst living in the jungle he wrangled snakes and ended up in a Colombian jail (through no fault of his own)! National Geographic Channel International bought the resultant video and Steve was taken on as ‘Adventurer in Residence’, producing, filming and presenting adventure and natural history programmes. 

Steve has become one of the busiest presenters on television, having circumnavigated the globe time and again, venturing into the Sinai desert , completing the Israeli paratroopers selection course, catching anacondas, vipers and cobras and (perhaps the best job ever) making “The Ten Great Dives of the World”, for the long-running series ‘Earthpulse’.

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19.15 - 20.45 Saturday 18th

Wild Adventures with Steve Backshall and Aldo Kane

Steve has been passionate about the wild world ever since he could crawl. Growing up, he counted the animals that lived around him as his best pals – from the asthmatic donkey to the grass snakes in the manure heap!

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