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Steph Dwyer

Steph is a cave explorer and leader of the Ario Caves Project.

Steph Dwyer is a cave explorer and leader of the Ario Caves Project with her partner Mike Bottomley, an expedition famed by the now multi award-winning film, the Ario Dream. 

Steph has been exploring the fascinating and stunning underworld all her adult life. She loves all things outdoors and is passionate about making the outdoors accessible to everyone, which is why she is so proud to be one of the too few women who run their own outdoor education center – Yorkshire Dales Guides. She is the first women underground controller for the world’s oldest cave rescue team, an open water swimmer and an ultra-endurance fell runner but particularly loves caving as a means to the final frontiers of exploration. 

Steph is happiest when dangling off a rope, being the first to dip her feet into the unknown abyss, deep underground. 

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Steph Dwyer

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