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Simon Bray

Simon is a Manchester based commercial landscape photographer.

Simon Bray is a Manchester based commercial landscape photographer who explores combinations of physical landforms, bodies of water, natural light and unique timing to capture landscape imagery that expresses a sense of space and freedom.

He allows the sense of scale experienced within a natural location to dictate the form and composition of an image, often employing negative space within the frame to amplify a notion of tranquility or drama, whilst allowing natural light to establish the tone of each image.

The Edge of the Isles

A collaboration between Simon and artist Tom Musgrove, depicting seven landscape locations from across the British Isles using their respective mediums.

Simon says  "Originally, the project was a means for us both to focus on our landscape work, and at the beginning, that was all we shared, we’d each made a decision to be proactive in focusing on using the landscape as our subject matter and we’d decided to explore that together. Working alongside another artist in this way wasn’t something either of us had done before, so we were careful not to place any expectations on the work that would be created, or indeed how working together would affect what was being produced. It took time to build up the relationship. It takes a lot of trust and vulnerability to be expressive in front of someone new, and our way into that was through sharing music on the drives to locations. We’d each bring stacks of CD’s to play to each other, and that really helped strengthen the understanding between us.

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