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Seb Rogers

Seb is a mountain biker and editor of the notorious CRANKED magazine.

Seb realised recently that he’s been riding mountain bikes for longer than he HASN’T been riding mountain bikes. Given that he’s notched up not far off three decades of mucking about on two wheels in various spots around the planet, he can’t decide if that makes him old or daft or, more likely, both. Either way, after nearly 20 years working as a mountain bike photographer and writer for other people, a couple of years ago Seb decided to launch his own magazine, called Cranked. He has no intention of getting a ‘proper’ job, and fully intends to keep riding bikes for another three decades.

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19.00 - 23.00 Friday 17th

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It's back. A new team. A new format. The best social bike event of the year!

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