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Robbie Phillips

Robbie is an elite British climber, climbing coach, traveller, route setter and blogger.

Scottish climber Robbie Phillips shot to prominence with a series of high-profile repeats in the Alps, succeeding on Paciencia, the Eiger’s hardest rock route, and completing an astonishing trilogy of alpine climbs in a single summer; Paciencia (8a), Silbergeier (8b+) in Switzerland and Project Fear (8c) in the Dolomites. 

The psychology of climbing is what really fascinates Robbie though, the fact that performance is not just down to how hard you can pull, but more so the ability to control your mind. “Will that foot stay?” is the question you ask yourself when you're five metres above your last runner and you're looking at a big fall! But it’s not blind faith that gets you safely from move to move; it's confidence built by the experience of putting yourself out there every single day. And that's how Robbie has got into the coaching game.

Robbie says, "I guess climbing means so many things to me and I love it for a lot of different reasons; but if I was to think logically and give a resounding answer to the ultimate question of why I choose to go climbing every single day of my life I’d probably say: "well I’ve got nothing better to do before I die, may as well climb a rock…"

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