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Pete Catherall

Pete is a BMX athlete

Pete Catherall is 20 and is from Cheshire. He got into BMX when his local council made a skate park in Ellesmere Port. As soon as he saw the barspins tailwhips and backflips he knew he needed to get a BMX. His favourite trick is a tailwhip, although it is not the hardest, he says it looks the best! Pete’s best trick is a double backflip and after that a flarewhip, which is a combination of a backflip and a tailwhip on a ramp. He says ‘I love to explore, I love riding my BMX. A road trip with a BMX? That’s the icing on the cake!”

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Pete Catherall

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17.30 - 18.30 Saturday 18th

Britain’s Abandoned Playgrounds

Come and watch a freerunner, highliner, BMX rider and skateboarder on stage as they share their urban playgrounds doing what they do best; backflipping, bar-spinning and vaulting!

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