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Nouria Newman

Nouria started kayaking at the age of 5 and after +15 years being a competitive athlete in canoe slalom she recently retired from racing to go back to her first passion : whitewater kayaking.

She says "I never grew up wanting to be a world champion, as a kid I wanted to be an explorer, an adventurer (and an archeologist after seeing Jurassic Park!). I started racing with my local kayak club, it went well so I kept doing it. I studied Political Sciences at the same time, got my masters, a real job, a few medals…and whenever I had a little bit of free time I would try to escape my training routine and the artificial concrete whitewater courses to go run real rivers. Then I got injured, messed up races, failed making the French team and eventually I lost my job too because the start up company I was working for went bankrupt, and at age 26 I was retired. And as I retired from racing after having my worst results ever, frustrated to end such a big chapter of my life on successive failures, a whole new world of opportunities opened. With no more job, no more racing, I had the time to go back to my favourite part of kayaking : going on adventures and running rivers. I am really thankful for the last two years paddling all around the world, and although I’m stuck in Paris studying documentary filming for another few weeks, I’m excited to see what will be next."

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