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Natasha Carthew

Natasha is a poet, author and country writer

Natasha has been published previously as a poet and young adult writer and her books have been nominated for the Carnegie Award and shortlisted for several national awards including the Branford Boase. She lives in Cornwall with her girlfriend of twenty years and spends most of her time writing outdoors in all weathers. Her identity as a country writer has led her to become a survival expert, a trained walking-guide and to teach Wild Writing workshops.

Praise for Natasha's debut adult novel ' All Rivers Run Free', 

"Natasha Carthew has written an extraordinary, beautiful and wild allegory for our times. All Rivers Run Free is a vision of our world before the flood, a new flood, where sea levels are rising, where rivers spill their banks, and where society has broken into feral, marauding factions. It is a frightening and close-at-hand possible future, where nothing is familiar, everything is corrupted, but where the exquisite flame of one woman's hope still flickers, carried in language as rare and new as the dystopian Britain that it describes".Katharine Norbury, author of The Fish Ladder

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Natasha Carthew

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