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Nadir Khan

Nadir is a professional adventure sports photographer.

Nadir began his photographic journey while studying dentistry at the University of Glasgow. His dad gave him an old Canon camera and it became his companion on early mountaineering adventures to Glencoe and Ben Nevis, recording the corries, gullies and ridges that he and his friends found themselves in. Nadir’s early photographic influences were the stunning landscapes of Ansel Adams and the adventure photography work of Galen Rowell. Emulating his heroes, he would make Cibachrome prints in his student-flat-turned-darkroom, selling them to make enough money to buy film and camera gear and pay bus fares up to the Highlands from Glasgow. After a career as a hospital-based specialist oral surgeon, working on facial trauma and reconstructive surgery, Nadir now partners with some of the most well-known outdoor brands in the world, working with elite athletes across many disciplines in some truly stunning Scottish locations. It is the light, landscape and people of Scotland that feed Nadir’s creative work, and while he acknowledges that all of Scotland has something amazing to offer, his favourite place is the Isle of Skye, with its ever-changing light and moods. Nadir’s work regularly appears in books and magazines.

In his forthcoming book Extreme Scotland, Nadir takes us on a jaw-dropping tour through Scotland’s epic mountain landscape. He showcases his work with some of the best adventure athletes in the world – including Ines Papert and James Pearson – in a portfolio that has placed him at the forefront of adventure-sports photography in the UK.

From the icy walls of Ben Nevis’s frozen north face to the raging seas of the north coast, Scotland plays host to world-class adventure sports of every discipline. Ice climbing, kayaking, ski-touring, trail running, surfing, mountain biking and rock climbing are all captured beautifully in this fitting testament to Scotland’s outstanding landscapes and adrenaline sports.

Alongside contributions from climber and author Nick Bullock, Tom Livingstone, Elana Bader, Mike Pescod, David Canning and Stuart B. Campbell, Nadir gives us an insight into his photographic inspirations, and shares insights and approaches to composition and other elements of his photography.

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