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Martyn Farr

Martyn is a leading exploratory cave diver and caver, known for his record-breaking cave dives.

Martyn Farr has been exploring caves from the tender age of 10. In 1981 and 1982 he set a world record for the longest penetration of an undersea cave in the Bahamas. In 1977 and 1982 he set British depth records in Wookey Hole, in Somerset. In 1986 he made the first subterranean traverse of Llangattock Mountain, still the longest and deepest caving through trip in the UK.

Martyn made the very first scuba cave dive in China in 1985 and the first in Borneo the year before. His caving travels have taken him to manycountries across the globe. Over the past few years he has been exploring virgin caves in New Zealand - discovering several miles of hitherto unknown cave passages in the process.

"Going where no man has been before " has been a lifelong passion but Martyn is also determined to show the world the wonders that exist underground. He is a talented writer and photographerand today sees himself as an ambassador for the sport, regularly giving presentations in countries far and wide.

Martyn has written nine books over the years, and countless magazine articles. He has appeared in many television programmes and has taken any number of celebrities caving – including members of the Royal Family: Princes William and Harry.

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Martyn Farr

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