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Mark Burkey

Mark is an active caver and phenomenal cave photographer.

Mark has been fortunate enough to win a number of regional and national photographic competitions as well as being published in many UK magazines and journals. 

He came to caving later in life than most, only 8 years ago, and photography even later in 2013. He began with the usual sports trips and was soon heading underground every weekend throughout the year and discovered a love of the beauty of sculpted rock, roaring underground rivers and stunning formations. Photography was then a natural evolution in his admiration of this amazing and little travelled world beneath our feet.

His talent as a photographer was soon recognised in the caving world and invitations to participate in expeditions abroad followed. This year he was the photographer on the Abode of the Clouds expedition to Meghalaya where kilometres of new cave were discovered which no one had ever stepped foot in let alone photographed before! For another trip to photograph in Croatia he had to learn to cave dive just to gain access to the cave itself.

Mark wonders what could be next .........well that’s the superb and exciting thing with both caving and photography; it can lead anywhere and given half a chance it often does.

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Mark Burkey

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20.00 - 23.00 Friday 17th

Petzl Underground Session

An awesome mix of caving films and lectures brought to you by Petzl and in association with UK caving.

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