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Lee Craigie

Lee Craigie is an Elite Scottish Rider and all round bike adventurer.

Lee Craigie became the British Mountain Bike Champion in 2013 and represented Scotland at the 2014 Commonwealth Games, but the secret to her sporting success lay in her love of exploring big mountains by bike. Fascinated by the places we can take ourselves emotionally by pushing our perceived limits, Lee's tales of adventure explore more than just the terrain she passes through. 

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Lee Craigie

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Opportunities to see Lee Craigie

19.00 - 23.00 Friday 17th

Santa Cruz Bike Session

It's back. A new team. A new format. The best social bike event of the year!

9.00 - 10.30 Saturday 18th

Findra - Women Adventure Session

New for 2017 - 'Women Adventure Session' featuring Megan Hine, Lee Craigie, Jenny Tough, Emily Chappell and Rickie Cotter in partnership with Findra.

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