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Katie McDonnell

Katie is one of the world's leading female freerunners.

Katie is 26 years old and is from London. She started practising parkour/freerunning in 2010. Prior to that she was a competitive cheerleader at her university. She was inspired to take up parkour after seeing a group of freerunners practising at an open gym session. She soon joined in not only finding a new sport but a whole new community and hasn’t looked back. She says, ‘I think that that was the first time I really experienced the true sense of freedom that comes with freerunning and from then on, training outside became my new favourite thing!’. Katie is now a full-time professional and represents her sport globally through commercial shoots and attending parkour events.

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Katie McDonnell

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  • Managed to delete ALL of my Final Cut projects... YAY! 🙄😑😭 #imanidiot
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  • Kinda pissed off that I’ve only just discovered how fun snowboarding is... 🏂 Feel like I’ve been missed out for so long!

Opportunities to see Katie McDonnell

17.30 - 18.30 Saturday 18th

Britain’s Abandoned Playgrounds

Come and watch a freerunner, highliner, BMX rider and skateboarder on stage as they share their urban playgrounds doing what they do best; backflipping, bar-spinning and vaulting!

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