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Julia Hobson

Julia is a mountain bike guide, climber and ski instructor; a self-confessed mountain addict who has spent the last five years trying to build a life that enables her to live and work in the mountains year round.

Julia grew up in the north west of England, spent 10 years living in Sheffield, and has led a somewhat nomadic life since. She works as a mountain bike guide for several companies in Europe, taking people on 6-day backcountry journeys through beautiful scenery and along incredible trails. Alongside this, Julia is also in the process of setting up a guiding company and has recently qualified as a ski instructor; another way of sharing a sport she is passionate about.

When Juila is not not working, she can be found planning or undertaking the next adventure that lets her explore new, wild and beautiful places through climbing, biking, or skiing. It’s been hard work making it happen, but she has managed to build a life she loves and feels very proud of herself - Julia is a firm believer that you can choose to do anything and make it happen if you work hard enough for it!

Julia Hobson

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