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Jonathan Humble

Jonathan is a poet and a deputy head teacher in Cumbria.

He’s worked as a painter, lettuce picker and engineer in the power industry. Other than writing poetry and short stories, his hobbies include beard growing, pointing at poppies whilst saying "Oooo, they look nice!" and keeping the international coffee industry afloat with his patronage. His poetry has appeared in The Big Issue In The North, Poems For Freedom, The Caterpillar Magazine, The Dragon Poet Quarterly, Lighten Up Online, Paragram, The Looking Glass Magazine, Stew Magazine, Amazing Magazine, Ink Sweat & Tears, The Teacher, Spilling Cocoa Over Martin Amis, Obsessed With Pipework Magazine, Clear Poetry, Curlew Calling Anthology, Atrium Poetry, Zoomorphic, Riggwelter, Milestone Anthology, Three Drops Press, Poetry Roundabout and The Tripe Marketing Board’s Diary. His short stories for children have been published in The Caterpillar and The Stew Magazine. Through TMB Books, he has published a collection of his stuff entitled "My Camel's Name Is Brian".

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