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Johnny Dawes

Johnny ​is a British rock climber

 He is famous for his dynamic style and often very bold ascents. His influence on British climbing was at its peak in the mid to late-1980s. Among his contributions is the introduction of two new grades to the British grading system for rock climbing (E8 and E9), and several new routes that are today still well respected. In 1986 he introduced the grade E9 to the British grading system with a first ascent of the route "Indian Face" on the Welsh crag Clogwyn Du'r Arddu.

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14.30 - 16.00 Sunday 19th

BLACK ROCK: With Johnny Dawes - from Climbing to Performance

Join us for an exciting panel discussion with Johnny Dawes and a film showing of 'Black Rock', a Kendal Mountain Festival commissioned multimedia performance translating the experience of rock climbing to an audience on the ground.

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