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Jochen Schmoll

Jochen is a filmmaker and director

Jochen Schmoll is a filmmaker and director. He became known in the sports filming scene for his numerous documentaries, commercials and branded content productions for brands like Gore Tex, Jack Wolfskin and Red Bull covering some of their top athletes.

He has directed various documentaries where his skills as an extreme sport director were essential. Climbing up a 8000m peak in the Himalayas or climbing out of a 170m cave in Oman, crossing the Siberian plains or descending into the crater of an active volcano. There’s no job too tough.

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Jochen Schmoll

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21.00 - 22.30 Saturday 18th

Into Twin Galaxies - Special Screening with Filmmaker Jochen Schmoll & Adventurer Ben Stookesberry

A spectacular and insane ski and kayak mission across Greenland presented by filmmaker Jochen Schmoll and adventurer Ben Stookesberry!

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