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​Jo Moseley

Jo is a Yorkshire mum, happily flying solo with her two sons. Like many women, time for herself is short and precious, so everyday adventures in the Dales and on the North Sea are therefore a source of huge joy and wellbeing.

Having been very outdoorsy as a little girl, Jo was turned off exercise by school PE. However, in her 20s, she kayaked in Alaska, hiked the trails of Virginia, dived in Scotland and the Philippines, and led a scientific expedition in Tanzania. After marriage, babies, miscarriages and becoming a single parent, Jo stopped being active for almost 25 years.

Anxious and unable to sleep, Jo began indoor rowing when a friend gave her an old erg. Feeling brighter within days, she went on to row a million metres, raising over £10,000 for charity.

After completing #Couchto5k in December 2017, Jo set herself a goal to run 1000km in 2018. Combining her love of the trails with litter picking, she is an enthusiastic Plogger!

A keen waterwoman, Jo loves wild swimming with fins, bodyboarding and paddleboarding. This summer she realised a life long dream of learning to surf and, for four glorious seconds, had the thrill of riding a wave. She screamed with happiness the whole way!

As a result of her own experience, Jo is passionate about sharing the huge joy and sense of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing that tiny adventures in the everyday can bring.

​Jo Moseley

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