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Jérémie Heitz

The world’s most exciting big mountain skier-of-the-moment!

Known as 'The Steepest Skier', Jérémie Heitz is the world's most exciting skier-of-the-moment tackling death-defying descents across the globe. Jérémie doesn't do things the easy way and his steep skiing promises a visual feast each and every time! Jérémie skis across the globe but the steepness and beauty of the Swiss Alps always call him home. 

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Jérémie Heitz

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Opportunities to see Jérémie Heitz

20.00 - 23.00 Saturday 18th

Ortovox Snowsports Session

The best snowsports action, film and on-stage entertainment at Kendal Town Hall.

13.00 - 14.30 Sunday 19th

Mammut Mountain Speed Session with Dani Arnold & Jérémie Heitz

Celebrate alpine climbing with Mammut 's new Mountain Speed Session featuring Jérémie Heitz & special guests.

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