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Jenny McLaren

I am not so much a mountaineer, although I love being on the mountains, as a wanderer of the in between places.

I choose paths that will take me through the passes, routes that let me see the shape of the mountain from a distance and from various directions. Walking is as important to my art practice as the actual touching paint to paper is.

The work in “Tracing Contours” will be a painted diary of selected walks taken over the 5 months leading up to the exhibition. Landscape containing both mountains and a body of water is my main subject. I’d like to display some smaller works made during the walks as well as the larger map paintings. I’m planning some walks in Scotland, the Lake District and possibly Snowdonia.

I find I can only paint a place by spending time in it and taking notice of as much as I can while I’m there. I take photographs and sketch and sometimes make small works on the spot, the larger paintings are all completed in the studio. I work mainly in water based media (watercolour, acrylic ink, acryl gouache) on paper, wood panels or old maps. 

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Jenny McLaren

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