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Jediah Doohan

Jediah is a one of the world's best slackliner and highliners.

Jediah  is 25 and is from Hampshire. He was introduced to slacklining whilst travelling in France and swiftly progressed into the sub-discipline of this sport, highlining. He recounts his most memorable experience as successfully walking a 209m long, 100m high polyester highline, rigged between the peaks of Monte Piana and Monte Piano in Italy. That day he not only set a new world record but he did so exactly 100 years after the Italians and Austrians had been fighting each other from the two peaks in WW1. Jediah named the line ‘Live for Love.’ He says: “The things I love most about highlining are the act of facing one’s fear and overcoming it, the solace and feeling of freedom gained from exposure and the potential for continued radical innovation in the sport.”

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Jediah Doohan

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17.30 - 18.30 Saturday 18th

Britain’s Abandoned Playgrounds

Come and watch a freerunner, highliner, BMX rider and skateboarder on stage as they share their urban playgrounds doing what they do best; backflipping, bar-spinning and vaulting!

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