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Jason Mallinson

​Jason is a cave diver whose exploits have led him to set distance and depth records in caves all over the world, from the deep jungle caves of Mexico (the Huautla and Cheve systems) to the vast dive distances of Pozo Azul in northern Spain.

Jason led the world record breaking team into Pozo Azul in 2010, where a dive distance of 8.8km from the entrance was achieved, requiring immersion times of 12 hours plus. The skills that Jason has acquired over nearly 30 years in caves go a long way to assist in rescue situations and he is a member of local cave rescue teams plus the UK’s international cave-dive rescue team. Successful recoveries by Jason have been carried out in Mexico, where six military personnel were successfully dived out of a flooded cave, but live recoveries are just some of the aspects of cave rescue. Unfortunately, the more sombre task of body recoveries is also part of the tasks, and these have been carried out by Jason in Norway, Ireland, France and UK. Naturally Jason became part of the recent high-profile and unprecedented rescue of the Wild Boar football team from Thailand’s Tham Luang Cave. Following the discovery of the trapped boys and their coach, Jason helped carry out the daring rescue plan bringing four of the boys through the flooded sections of cave to safety. He will talk openly of his experiences and answer questions from the audience. This is a rare opportunity to hear the real story behind this extraordinary event.

Jason Mallinson

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