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Jane Rushton

Jane explores the disciplines of drawing and painting as a way of investigating the world around her.

Drawing on the processes that create the features and characteristics of the natural environment, observed during field trips, studio investigations reflect and play out these processes on paper and canvas through a series of tests, versions and experiments.

More recently, though not exclusively, the geographical focus has been on remote Northern areas including the Arctic, where I have undertaken extended field trips, sometimes with scientists. The Arctic environment is emblematic in terms of current concerns with climate change, and it provides the focus of much scientific work that tries to understand the processes at play, and their significance. I have become interested in drawing on the knowledge and methodologies of science as a means of expanding my approach to material investigations, with the ultimate aim of making visually poetic work that provokes a different type of engagement: of seeing, valuing, knowing and understanding.

Jane will be showing paintings and mixed media works that reflects on an immersion in the landscape and environment of northern locations including the Highlands of Scotland where she lives, Greenland, and Svalbard.

Whether responding to the infinitesimal relationships that occur between elements, or taking a very large overview, these artworks are about noticing, paying attention, valuing, and sharing. 

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Jane Rushton

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