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Imogen Furlong

Imogen is a seasoned caving expedition leader and exploration caver with a focus on subterranean Asia.

As a day job Imogen (Imo) works as an Outdoor Activities Manager for Highlife Highland, managing outdoor activity and environmental conservation programmes for young people in the Scottish Highlands. Imo led the first expeditions to the Shan plateau in Myanmar, and has been an important contributor to cave projects in North East India and South West China. Her recent work has been around integrating families with young children into expeditions to develop a family expedition methodology. Imo’s talk will give an overview with footage of what exactly is involved in the coordination of an Asian expedition from ground zero prospecting missions in new areas, to well established projects trying to connect caves together into systems, plus reflecting on her experiences in Asia and the relationship different local populations have with their caves.

Imogen Furlong

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