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Hugh Warwick

​Hugh is an ecologist and writer with a particular fondness for hedgehogs.

His books include A Prickly Affair, about hedgehogs. The Beauty and the Beast. In April 2014 Reaktion Books published his monograph on the iconography of the hedgehog - a book full of fun and beautiful illustrations. 

Hugh has been a hedgehog obsessive for over twenty years. He makes numerous appearances to talk about hedgehogs, and the British Hedgehog Preservation Society have now made him a trustee and a life-time member in recognition of his contribution. He also talks regularly to the WI, where he asks for payment in cake ... coffee and walnut if possible.

His latest, Linescapes has just been launched (May 2017) and it investigates the impact that the lines people make have on the capacity of wildlife to thrive. Linescapes offers a fresh and bracing perspective on Britain’s countryside, one that proposes a challenge and gives ground for hope; for while nature does not tend to straight lines and discrete borders, our lines can and do contain a real potential for wildness and for wildlife.

Review for Linescapes

"This is a beautifully crafted book . . . timely and essential reading" -  Kathy Willis, Director of Science, Kew Gardens

"A requiem, a call to arms and a delighted amble along a hedge: a kind, wise, angry, jolly and mournful book, as rumbustiously readable as it is urgently important." - Charles Foster, author of Being a Beast

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Opportunities to see Hugh Warwick

12.30 - 14.00 Sunday 19th

Hugh Warwick - Linescapes: Remapping and Reconnecting Britain’s Fragmented Wildlife

It is rare to find a landscape untouched by our lines – the hedges, walls, ditches and dykes built to enclose and separate; and the green lanes, roads, canals, railways and power lines, designed to connect. Join Hugh Warwick as he talks about our...

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