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Gary Perkin

Award winning mountain bike photographer and life long cyclist.

Gary Perkin is an entirely self-taught photographer. He crafted his skills on mountains, fields, dirt roads and in the mud! Gary got his first bike in 1979 and it awoke a passion that hasn't faded to this day. He loves bicycles and feels learning to ride is probably one of the most empowering things you can do as a kid. And he never got over that initial emotion. Since then he has catalogued and showcased what people can do on bicycles.

He bought his first SLR in 1989, and has had various careers since then - from naval combat officer to newspaper sub-editor to professional yachtsman to DJ and unemployed "The Simpsons" watcher. But his love for photography and bicycles never faded. He feels incredibly lucky that he can merge those two passions as he travels the world photographing people in amazing locations on bicycles.

Perkin began shooting the international mountain bike world cup race circuit in 1997 first as a superfan with a camera that might have been lucky enough to get one decent shot out of hundreds taken, to retiring from the circuit in 2011 as a respected member of the travelling World Cup circus.

He now travels the world on adventures for Santa Cruz Bicycles from New Zealand to Chile, Africa to Ambleside.
To the question of what he finds most exciting about his career, his answer is quite simply: “Watching the world's best athletes ply their trade all around the globe."

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19.00 - 23.00 Friday 17th

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