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Julia Tregaskis-Allen

Julia adores a journey, always wanting to know what's round the next corner or over the next mountain!

For over 20 years she has indulged this curiosity first through her own adventures then as a work as a sports coach, personal trainer,International Mountain Leader and BASI Level 3 ISIA Nordic Ski Teacher. During this time she has guided and organised adventure holidays across Europe, directed courses for trainee instructors, led expeditions across Africa, South America and the Greater Ranges and set up a thriving triathlon club. 

Julia's love of travel, sport and adventure combined with her passion to share this with others has been the inspiration of many of our trips. In particular, the setting up and guiding of our trail running, cross country skiing and family holidays. She holds qualifications in rock climbing,nordic walking,mountain biking,canoeing and as a triathlon coach all of which she works with to create opportunities to inspire all levels of mountain adventure. 

As a Director of Tracks and Trails Julia is commited to both guiding and overseeing the management of our trips ensuring that they are run efficiently and professionally.

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Julia Tregaskis-Allen

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