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Eoin Keith

Eoin is an Ultrarunner and Adventure racer

Originally from Cork, the Irish athlete competes both in Ireland and around the world in the sports of Ultra Running and Adventure Racing. His first ultra run was a ~50km race over the hills of Wicklow in Ireland back in the late 90s. Since then he has steadily pushed out the distances he runs.

Eoin’s best race results include finishing 5th at the 24 hour world championships in Bergamo in 2009, finishing as 2nd place veteran in the 2013 UTMB and 2nd in the 6-day World Trophy race in Hungary in 2015.

In 2016 Eoin won the Spine Race - one of the hardest Ultra races in Britain - in a new course record of 95 hours, knocking over 15 hours off the old record.

Eoin also participates in multiple Adventure Races of many different lengths both on the domestic Irish scene and internationally.

Highlights include finishing the Primal Quests in Utah in 2006 and South Dakota in 2008, participating in the world championships in Scotland, Spain, Tasmania and France. Moreover, he finished 2nd in the Turas Adventure Race - a 5 day international race in Ireland - and 3rd in the European Championship in 2015.

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Eoin Keith

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