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Emma Brennand

Dr. Emma Brennand is a documentary filmmaker with a passion for wildlife conservation.

 After completing her Phd in environmental science she left academia to pursue a career in science writing and broadcast. Emma has worked at the BBC for over 7 years across BBC News and productions such as Springwatch/Autumnwatch & Super Smart Animals.

Emma joined the Planet Earth 2 team whilst it was in development and worked as a researcher/ field director. She worked across the Islands & Mountains episodes, and was lucky enough to film golden eagles, Nubian ibex & jumping spiders for Mountains. She also self-shot and edit produced the ‘Behind the Scenes’. Her most challenging shoot for the series was filming Nubian ibex in the Judean Mountains. The team had to split up and follow the ibex for over 10 hours each day, over steep chossy terrain in sweltering temperatures with all their equipment, to try to get a shot of the goats drinking in the wadi.

Emma Brennand

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