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Ed Douglas

Ed is a writer and journalist with a passion for the wilder corners of the natural world. He is an enthusiastic amateur climber and mountain traveller, with a particular interest in the Himalaya.

Ed has been climbing for over thirty-five years and has been a writer and editor for the last thirty. He launched the magazine On The Edge while at university in Manchester, and has published eight books about mountains and their people. His books include biographies of Tenzing Norgay, rock-climbing visionary Ben Moon and the late British mountaineer Alison Hargreaves. His ghostwritten autobiography of Ron Fawcett, Rock Athlete, won the Boardman Tasker Award for Mountain Literature in 2010, and his most recent work, a collection of eight essays titled The Magician’s Glass. Douglas’s journalistic work most often appears in The Observer and The Guardian

He is the current editor of the Alpine Journal and lives in Sheffield with his wife Kate. They have two grown-up children.

Ed Douglas

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  • Awesome to be back in Humla for another adventure. A holiday from Twitter too. Back in a month.
  • Maybe his Sherpa figured out his employer was dangerous and won’t climb the mountain with him.…
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13.00 - 17.45 Friday 16th

The Boardman Tasker Award for Mountain Literature

Join us as we announce the winner of the Boardman Tasker Award for Mountain Literature 2018.

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