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David Shearing

​David is an award-winning artist making immersive multimedia experiences.

David is an award-winning artist making immersive multimedia experiences. His work operates as a hybrid between fine art and performance practices that challenge audiences to reconsider their relationships to each other and their environment. He works with hi and low technologies such video, light, sound and spatial design to create highly emotive and reflective environments. In 2014 he was awarded a competitive Sky Academy Arts Scholarship to develop ‘THE WEATHER MACHINE’. In 2013 he won the World Stage Design award for Best Installation for ‘and it all comes down to this…’ (2012). David writes and talks on immersive experience and spatial design.

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14.30 - 16.00 Sunday 19th

BLACK ROCK: With Johnny Dawes - from Climbing to Performance

Join us for an exciting panel discussion with Johnny Dawes and a film showing of 'Black Rock', a Kendal Mountain Festival commissioned multimedia performance translating the experience of rock climbing to an audience on the ground.

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