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Dave Ryall

Dave has been a cave diver for over twenty years and has been involved in exploratory caving and cave diving expeditions around the world.

Dave Ryall has been caving for most of his adult life following a chance meeting with some cavers as a youth near home in Derbyshire where his interest in things dark and muddy was kindled. He has been a cave diver for over twenty years and has been involved in exploratory caving and cave diving expeditions to France, Spain, Greece, Iceland, Canada, closer to home in the Yorkshire Dales and even Wales. He has also mountain biked worldwide including recently crossing the Himalaya for his 50th birthday, and has a developing passion for sea kayaking.

Dave took up cave photography to document new exploration as none of his mates would risk their cameras underground and so began a long, painful and expensive journey creating a graveyard of cameras, lenses and flashguns, plus some pleasing images of his companions in newly discovered caves along the way. Dave’s images have been published in numerous books and magazines, and even the National Park information board at Gaping Gill in the Dales; a proud achievement as this is without doubt the finest cave system in the world!

Most recently Dave has been involved in documenting Boreham Cave in Littondale, perhaps the most beautiful and uniquely decorated cave in Britain, which involves taking camera equipment through half a kilometre of cave passages completely filled with bone chillingly cold water, often with visibility less than the end of your arm, through tight underwater squeezes and some difficult dry caving . Many of the images are of areas never photographed before, including passages recently discovered which require many hours to reach, and where it can truly be said that more people have been to the moon.

Dave lives in the northern Yorkshire Dales and is a network developer for a local organisation which helps communities to bring high speed broadband to remote places where sometimes there is even no mains electricity or water!

Dave Ryall

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