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Dane Jackson

Dane Jackson is a global superstar in the Kayak world. Seven times a Gold Medalist in the 'Freestyle World Championships', three times 'Grand Prix Champion', twice a 'North Fork Championship King' and twice the 'Unleashed Champion'.

It didn’t take long for Dane to be in or around the rivers as his father, Eric was already a world champion kayaker by the time he was born. Dane quickly became engulfed in the sport –when he was only 4 yrs old the family moved full-time into an RV and for 6 years travelled around North America seeking out new adventures.  It's no surprise that a home-school education ensued and growing up around rivers provided the perfect connection to the environment for him.

This tight family bond and close-knit community enabled him to learn from not only his father but from the world's best paddlers who shared the rivers with them.

Dane divides his time between the family ranch in Tennessee, travelling the world seeking out new waters to explore and living in his RV 9 months of the year. He is a true modern day pioneer of the sport.

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Dane Jackson

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  • If you think I’m gonna bring that shirt I have never worn in my life for my trip incase the chance finally comes to wear’re right.
  • *packing for a trip Weighs bag- 100lbs... “Guess I could probably leave the bowling trophies behind”
  • Music choices in Spain- “Haha can’t believe they’re playing this shite song” *Starts over again “Wait” *Continues on loop for a week

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