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Colleen Blair

Accomplished Scottish swimmer Colleen Blair has been swimming in open water since the age of 7.

Colleen is originally from Dundee and now lives in Highland Perthshire close to lots of Lochs to swim in! Over the last 33 years she has been swimming open water with only one season off due to shoulder surgery. All of her swims have been supported by a close group of family & friends. She has swum in UK, Ireland, Holland and America doing marathon swims and challenges ranging from 17k to 50k. 

This year Colleen took part in the SCAR Swim Challenge in Arizona. SCAR is a four day road trip swim adventure consisting of 9.5 mile, 9 mile, 17 mile lake swims followed by a 9k swim into the sunset to finish. 

In June this year she was given the opportunity to attempt a swim she had been looking at for a few years –The North Minch. With only 5 weeks to prepare, this was always going to be a tough swim. The Minch is the stretch of water between the Inner Herbrides and North West Highlands, it is 24 nautical miles, and is known for its wild weather and sea state. The Minch swim was supported by an amazing group of volunteers, while being very experienced in their own field, have not supported a swim before. Colleen was also accompanied by her long standing support crew, her dad Bill and Ian Reid. 

Colleen was also the first person to swim across the notorious Pentland Firth, from mainland to the Orkney Islands, and swam the length of Loch Ness at the age of 19.

Colleen Blair

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