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​Christine Grosart

Christine is a world-class cave diver, committed to finding new connections and extending big cave systems.

Christine started caving in her teens, and cave diving in her early twenties. She is a qualified paramedic and now works offshore as a dive medic, while also running her own business in her spare time as a caving instructor. In 2009 she broke the British female cave diving depth record in the far reaches of Wookey Hole, and has since concentrated her cave diving on exploration. She has led projects in France and Croatia and has the end of the line in four different caves. Of these, the most significant cave system is Izvor Licanke in Croatia. A short reconnaissance trip led to her organising three years of exploration and she was determined to document it from the beginning. To do that she taught a cave photographer how to cave dive, learned to dive a rebreather from scratch in a year, and endured several buttock-clenching moments during exploration of this deep, cold but fascinating underwater cave. Christine tells the story of how she and her friends went where quite literally nobody has ever been before.

​Christine Grosart

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