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Calum Muskett

Climbing all-rounder Calum grew up in Bethesda in North Wales, nestled in between the Carneddau and Glyderau.

Calum had always been into sport, whether it was rugby, running or kayaking, but when he discovered rock climbing (taken out by his mum), he finally found something that he could see himself doing for the rest of his life. Calum has always appreciated the variety of disciplines that climbing has to offer and has dabbled in all of them since he began; "With a low boredom threshold, variety is important for me" he says. He took a gap year after finishing school and climbed three lifetime goals: Divine Providence on Mont Blanc, The Fish in the Dolomites and Golden Gate free on El Cap. After that year he realised that university and its associated costs could be put on hold, perhaps permanently, and began accumulating outdoor qualifications so that he could work in the mountains and earn money between trips away; he's currently an aspirant guide. At the moment he lives in North Wales with his girlfriend Gabby, with great climbing, running, biking and kayaking all within walking distance of the back door.

Calum Muskett

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