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Ben Stookesberry

Ben is a kayaker and adventurer

Growing up in Greeley, Colorado, the jagged blue line of the distant Rocky Mountains represented the adventure that Ben Stookesberry dreamed of as a child. Ben was slightly interested in studying, but mostly he wanted to be immersed in the mountains and experience a full on Rocky Mountain winter. Things changed drastically for Ben when he was introduced to the Colorado River as a newbie raft guide, then even more so when he broke his leg mountain biking at the end of that summer. It would take 12 months to fully recover but just a single month before he could continue with his new found passion learning to whitewater kayak. Since then kayaking has defined his life, pursuing expeditions around the world.

Ben now calls Chico, CA home which offers incredible year round kayaking (including the pacific coast line), but spends at least 6 months of the year traveling around the globe in pursuit of the most challenging river expeditions on earth.

Ben Stookesberry

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