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Ben Page

Ben Page has travelled the world by pedal power, with fascinating stories to share from across the globe.

Back in 2014, aged just 22, Ben Page set off from the southernmost point of South America to undertake a very long bike ride back home. Over three years the journey took him across five continents, passing through desert heat and arctic chill, across snow capped mountains and through dense forests. 

He charts his journey through filmmaking and photography and shares the stories that unravel on his website Another Horizon. website to chart my journey, bringing together the photos that I take, videos that I make and the stories that unravel.

In his own words:

'I love bike touring for its pure simplicity - one can wake up in the morning, put all their earthly belongings on the back of their bike and away they cycle into yet another horizon. Its a truly nomadic existence. I firmly believe that there is no better way to explore, feel and immerse yourself in a landscape and culture than through bike touring. Vistas really do look all the brighter through sweat covered eyes and panting of breath. Not only do the landscapes become enhanced but bike touring acts as a perfect social leveller and the opportunities and invitations that develop through this are priceless.'

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Opportunities to see Ben Page

16.30 - 19.00 Saturday 18th

Lowe Alpine Adventure & Exploration Session

An afternoon of challenging adventures plus films from around the globe feat. explorers Ben Page and Jenny Tough, presented by Lowe Alpine’s very own Joe White.

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