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Anne-Flore Marxer

Anne-Flore Marxer was the Snowboard World Freeride champion in 2011 and vice-champion in 2016. She grew up skiing and snowboarding in Preverenges, Switzerland

On the snow, she’s a forthright and passionate advocate for equal prize money for male and female snowboarders, and gender equality in action sports. Elsewhere, she has championed causes such as Riders For Refugees, among others. Today, after over a decade as a professional rider, she’s determined to use her platform to speak passionately and convincingly about the issues that concern her, and try and be a change for good. Anne-Flore Marxer was a snowboarding enthusiast as early as she could walk. Having been introduced to the sport by her father, Anne-Flore had always been into snowsports growing up in Preverenges, Switzerland. Skiing with her family and snowboarding with her friends, the energetic and outgoing Marxer was a free spirit, riding the Swiss Alps growing up. Her concentration on snowboarding rather than skiing was brought partly by its popularity, being the preferred choice of the people her age.

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