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Alistair Maltby

Alistair Maltby has spent the last 20 years at the heart of what is probably the fastest growing river conservation movement in Europe.

Devastated by the decline of our rivers, the founders of the rivers trust movement decided that campaigning was for others, and that what was missing was the doing. Direct action for rivers trusts has been about understanding what is causing the problems in our rivers, showing people that there are ways to fix them, and that there are alternative ways to manage our rivers that leave them fit for everyone to enjoy. The rivers trust movement has grown from just four community-led organisations in 2004, to now over 60 groups in England, Wales and Ireland. Last year, rivers trusts worked with 11,575 volunteers, planted 91,076 trees, addressed 736 sources of pollution, worked on 1151 farms, eased, passed or removed 68 dams, and restored 449 km of river. In one year.

Alistair has worked for Westcountry Rivers Trust, Thames21, Eden Rivers Trust and was a founding trustee of The Rivers Trust in 2004. He lives in Cumbria and may be found para-waiting on various peaks in and around the Lake District. Thanks to Dan Yates, Alistair is back in a white water boat for the first time in 20 years, because he says; “it’s important not to forget why we do this.”

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