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Aldo Kane

Explorer, extreme/hostile locations for TV & Film, world record rower & former Commando

Aldo is a former Royal Marine Commando who now specialises in providing safety for film and television productions in extreme environments. As an experienced climber and qualified Remote Area Medic Aldo’s responsibility is to keep the team safe throughout the climb and to patch them up when needed. Aldo also has the experience to accompany Steve Backshall , one of TV's best-known wildlife presenters and adventurers on some incredible adventures, into very tough locations such as the BBC's Extreme Mountain Challenge in Venezuela. 

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12.00 - 13.30 Saturday 18th

The Art of Survival - with Aldo Kane, Megan Hine & Nick Shoolingin-Jordan

Venture with us to the world's most hostile and extreme locations and get a fascinating insight with behind the scenes footage from some amazing adventures. To guide us on this journey, we'll be in the trusted hands of survival and safety experts Megan...

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