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Adam Perry

Adam is an fellrunner and ultrarunner.

"Never having really been any good at football, I started running at 18. Not the quickest runner either, it was the strength between my ears and always wanting to see what lay around the next corner - or down the next valley - that landed me in the Lake District, running around the Bob Graham Round in a walking jacket with my old man in the summer of 2007.

Many lessons later and the odd notable result along the way (OMM Elite, Fellsman and my personal favourite the Old County Tops) I followed my heart into going as far and as hard as I could for 24 hours around the Lakeland Fells….a few more times than I expected. Four years later, with some blood, lots of sweat and no time for a rest I still haven’t done it but it has been an incredible experience…. if only 1.04 miles short of the finish line."

Adam Perry

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