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Speaker Archive

A selection of Speakers and Athletes that have presented at Kendal Mountain Festival in the past.

Alan McNee Alan McNee

Alastair Humphreys Alastair Humphreys

Alastair Lee Alastair Lee

Alex Megos Alex Megos

Amanda Lu Amanda Lu

Andy Cave Andy Cave

Andy Nisbet Andy Nisbet

Andy Parkin Andy Parkin

Andy Teasdale Andy Teasdale

Antoine Boisselier Antoine Boisselier

Ash Dykes Ash Dykes

Axel Hack Axel Hack

Babsi Zangerl Babsi Zangerl

Barbara James Barbara James

Barry Blanchard Barry Blanchard

Ben Moon Ben Moon

Ben Tibbetts Ben Tibbetts

Bob Comlay Bob Comlay

Brian Hall Brian Hall

Caroline Ciavaldini Caroline Ciavaldini

Cat Sutherland Cat Sutherland

Catherine Destivelle Catherine Destivelle

Cedar Wright Cedar Wright

Charley Glynn Charley Glynn

Chris Jewell Chris Jewell

Chris Prescott Chris Prescott

Christophe Profit Christophe Profit

Clare Roche Clare Roche

Clément Latour Clément Latour

Colin Hill Colin Hill

Dan Milner Dan Milner

Dan Richards Dan Richards

Dan Shipsides Dan Shipsides

Dan Varian Dan Varian

Danny MacAskill Danny MacAskill

Dave Barter Dave Barter

Dave MacLeod Dave MacLeod

Dave Ryall Dave Ryall

David Bond David Bond

David Cooper David Cooper

David Pagel David Pagel

David Pickford David Pickford

David Wilson David Wilson

Dean Leslie Dean Leslie

Dom Bush Dom Bush

Dom Green Dom Green

Dr Samantha Walton Dr Samantha Walton

Dr. Abbie Garrington (Durham University) Dr. Abbie Garrington (Durham University)

Ella Kirkpatrick Ella Kirkpatrick

Enak Gavaggio Enak Gavaggio

Erik Boomer Erik Boomer

Flo Orley Flo Orley

Frequent Flyers Frequent Flyers

Graham Hoyland Graham Hoyland

Greg Boswell Greg Boswell

Greg Lucas Greg Lucas

Greg Minnaar Greg Minnaar

Guy Robertson Guy Robertson

Hannah Burrows-Smith Hannah Burrows-Smith

Hannah Slezacek Hannah Slezacek

Hazel Findlay Hazel Findlay

Heather Geluk Heather Geluk

Helen Mort Helen Mort

Ian Burton Ian Burton

Ian Campbell Ian Campbell

Ian Hill Ian Hill

Ian MacKenzie Ian MacKenzie

Ian Parnell Ian Parnell

Ines Papert Ines Papert

Jack Geldard Jack Geldard

James McHaffie James McHaffie

James Pearson James Pearson

James Rutherford James Rutherford

James Thurlow James Thurlow

Jan Faull Jan Faull

Jasmin Paris Jasmin Paris

Jeff Mercier Jeff Mercier

Jerry Moffatt Jerry Moffatt

Jesse Alexander Jesse Alexander

Joanna Croston Joanna Croston

Joe Beaumont Joe Beaumont

Joe Grant Joe Grant

John Burns John Burns

John Earle John Earle

John Fleetwood John Fleetwood

John Porter John Porter

Jon Bracey Jon Bracey

Jon Chambers Jon Chambers

Jon Sparks Jon Sparks

Jonathan Bamber Jonathan Bamber

Jonathan Griffith Jonathan Griffith

Jonathan Westaway Jonathan Westaway

Jorg Verhoeven Jorg Verhoeven

Josh Bryceland Josh Bryceland

Julian Hoffman Julian Hoffman

Justine Curgenven Justine Curgenven

Karen Lloyd Karen Lloyd

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