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Palm & Pyranha Paddlesports Session

Palm & Pyranha Paddlesports Session Palm & Pyranha Paddlesports Session This is a real gem! We're re-vamping Paddlesports at Kendal with the best line-up we've ever had in this genre - it's definitely one not to miss!

A stellar cast gathers together in our largest venue for this all new Specialist Session at Kendal. Whitewater, flat water, big drops, sea crossings and wave riding – whatever floats your paddle boat, we have a story for you this year at Kendal! Our guest presenters for this incredible session will be top expedition sea kayaker, Erin Bastian and former pro Kayaker, river-runner, raft guide and top swimmer – Colin Hill.

From the world of Playboating (Freestyle Kayaking), huge river expeditions, big fall drops and competition kayaking we're delighted to welcome three of the world's top kayakers today – Bren Orton, Dane Jackson and Nouria Newman. Get ready to see some incredible footage that will leave you astounded at their accomplishments and we're sure will be the talk of the Fest.

Joining us on-stage are two of the world's greatest adventurers and top paddlers in their own right - Sarah McNair-Landry & Erik Boomer. Former Nat Geo Adventurers of the year they join us to talk about their latest expeditions including their award-winning film last year - 'Into Twin Galaxies'.

Taking us across seas and around the coastline of our home island will be our co-host Erin Bastian, from the world of sea-kayaking and record breaker Colin Skeath will share his adventures of his amazing canoe circumnavigation of Britain last year.

Finally, we can't ignore the important plight of many environmental activists today who fight for a pollution free environment we all love. Paddlesports activists definitely lead the way on this front and we'll share successes with four inspirational people – Kayakers Rok Rozman and Carmen Kuntz (Balkans River defence) and Dan Yates (Save Our Rivers / The Free Rivers Fund) and Stand Up Paddleboarder – Cal Major (Paddle Against Plastic).

Presented by Palm Equipment and Pyranha Kayaks and supported by Dewerstone clothing and British Canoeing.

£15.00Young Adventurers (U18) Ticket £8.50


Dane Jackson Dane Jackson

Dane Jackson is a global superstar in the Kayak world. Seven times a Gold Medalist in the 'Freestyle World Championships', three times 'Grand Prix Champion', twice a 'North Fork Championship King' and twice the 'Unleashed Champion'.

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Nouria Newman Nouria Newman

Nouria started kayaking at the age of 5 and after +15 years being a competitive athlete in canoe slalom she recently retired from racing to go back to her first passion : whitewater kayaking.

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Bren Orton Bren Orton

Originally from Warrington, Bren is known for huge freestyle moves, as well as his trademark creativity. With impressive results in The Whitewater Grand Prix, Bren's been racking up freestyle and racing results alongside the best in the world.

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Erik Boomer Erik Boomer

Pro kayaker and National Geographic Adventurer Of The Year Erik Boomer.

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Sarah McNair-Landry Sarah McNair-Landry

Sarah grew up with the harsh surroundings of Baffin Bay, Canada as her playground, with her brother Eric and her parents who worked as Arctic Guides. Today, Sarah McNair-Landry, a modern day adventurer, is seeking to inspire future explorers by...

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Rok Rozman Rok Rozman

Rok Rozman is a former olympic rower, biologist, kayaker & founder of Balkan River Defence.

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Carmen Kuntz Carmen Kuntz

Carmen Kuntz is a freelance writer, whitewater kayaker and Balkan River Defence writer.

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Dan Yates Dan Yates

Dan Yates is an avid kayaker and one of the founding members of the 'Save our Rivers' campaign, whose aim is to keep the UK's rivers flowing freely.

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Colin Skeath Colin Skeath

Climbing and mountaineering has taken Colin all over the UK, as well as to Europe, Africa and America. Colin has had three trips to Yosemite National Park where he has climbed multi-day “big walls” including The Nose and Muir Wall...

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Cal Major Cal Major

Cal Major is an ocean advocate, explorer and founder of Paddle Against Plastic, raising awareness of the problem of plastic pollution in the ocean, and campaigning for reducing plastic use at source.

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Erin Bastian Erin Bastian

Erin Bastian is a expedition sea kayaker, only just returned from an attempt to cross the Aegean Sea, taking on 16 open water crossings and paddling over 400km.

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Colin Hill Colin Hill

Colin Hill is a well known figure in the international open water swimming community and, in an earlier life – an expedition kayaker and whitewater rafting guide.

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